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Who We Are

Cornish chillies began in 2014 based in beautiful Cornish countryside at Summercourt, midway between Newquay and Truro. We started small with just a few hundred, but we now have 2000 plants covering 40 varieties from heatless to super-hot. Using organic methods all our chillies are grown locally with a range of carefully selected varieties for flavour, heat and culinary uses. We are passionate about eating healthy, freshly grown chillies and are always happy to discuss anything to do with chillies, so do get in touch with us.


We are also happy to advise on the best chillies to help you create that authentic flavour for your menu and would love to collaborate with special events such as a 'chilli evening' providing displays of our produce and experts on hand. We can also provide bulk wholesale chillies, please get in contact to discuss.

Why chillies? Why us?

Super Chillies!

Chillies are one of natures 'superfoods'.


Fresh chillies contain high levels of anti-oxidants including vitamin C, vitamin A and flavonoids all of which are important to a healthy immune system and protecting the body from the potentially damaging effects of free radicals. They are also a good source of B-complex vitamins and minerals essential in maintaining a healthy nervous system and metabolism.

Chilli research

Research continues to show that chillies may also have cancer fighting properties. For more information about the health benefits of chillies see arthritisresearchuk.org, mmu.ac.uk, whfoods.com


We endeavor to use organic methods to grow our chillies. Although our chillies are grown locally, many of the chilli varieties originally come from parts of the world where there is still extreme poverty. We donate 2% of our profit to The Dalitso Trust.

Our Chilli Products

Meet us

Cornish Chillies was developed and set up by Rachel Davies and Scott Hall, they have been friends for over 10 years. Both have families, Rachel has girls 18, and 21 and Scott has two sons 25 and 23.

Rachel has always been keen to run a form of horticultural business and Scott has had the obsession with chillies – although Rachel is catching up quick! In 2014 after several conversations Rachel and Scott decided to set up Cornish Chillies, original small they doubled the size of Cornish Chillies from approx. 100 plants to approx. 200 in 2016 using two 10 x 20 polytunnels. With an opportunity to grow in a large commercial sized polytunnel Cornish Chillies expanded again at the beginning of 2017 with over 1000 plants. We have supplied such places as Lost Gardens of Heligen, the Cornish Food Hall and the Knightor Winery and Restaurant, we are also members of Cornwall Food and Drink and for the first time will selling at the Truro Food Festival in September.

Photo of Scott Hall

Scott Hall


Photo of Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies


Contact us

Please get in touch. We love to talk about chillies.

Grampound, Cornwall


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